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Bend over, I'll drive!

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I'm so happy that I finally made the decision to end things.  We both agreed that we did the right thing, and even better, we are back to being the same goofy friends we always were, just like back in the day :)  I'm glad we are able to do that.  Only thing is now I can't use my sexually deviant ways to win our fights anymore :( lol.  And we talked more than we have in ages, I'm glad to have my friend back!
Congress tonight!  After a 4 hour break, god.  I hope the afteroval is buzzing because I'll be quite bored otherwise, even with all the work I had.  Nom's for Board of Governors ends tonight too, so it'll be good because we'll hear the votes first thing. 
My nose is still stuffed--my throat is better--but I've developed a wicked ass  cough.
Ach, more later.

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