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Mmm bagels, tomatoes and cheese!  And tea.  And hopefully when I get to work, coffee.  Mmm.  Man, I was so pissed when I saw that I was working today initially, because I'm like fuck that's my day off, they know I can't do Mondays.  Then Im like, and they also know I'm a student and that no student has school today.  I'm just like ok fine now, lol, I need the hours and that bumps me up to 20 hrs this week, and with Halloween, a few parties at foufs, hopefully apple and pumpkin hunting with Bella, and some more outings, that money will help out.  Plus, I am working with Carolyne today!  I fucking love working with her :D  She makes the day so much more fun and the hours fly by.  I nearly cried when I saw that she was working on Saturday, when I had my raging hangover from hell lol.  The day was actually, lol, fun.  Man, that was like 8 or 9 beers and a thousand shots later.  I think JP had like 60 shots that night and he was the only one of us still walking straight.  Well I wasn't to to bad.   Lydia was there and she was like will you come to the bathroom with me, and so I'm like sure lol, why not! So she goes to get her bag or something, comes back and knocks our table sending Will and my beers tumbling down lol.  Then the entire room like stood up and started to clap at her, even the waitor guy that had to clean it up wwas like -applause- "Good job there".  She had her hands over her face and she was super embarassed I felt so friggin bad for.  And she felt horrible!  lol.  She was like, let me buy you guys drinks and I'm like NO!  Then she like locked herself in the bathroom temporarily lol, and when she gets out, shes like omg THIS IS SUCH A STUPID NIGHT...awww poor girl lol.  So it turns out the best adventures at foufs happen in the girls bathroom.  On my like sixth visit, I'm heading up the stairs, which are rather clogged, and my being polite and I do the hand motion for the guy in front of me to go down, but smack this girls jaw in who was behind me instead lmao.  Not that hard obviously, and somehow we ended up hugging and she showed me how to plow through them all lol!  At end of the night amanda pretty much jumped me lol, and I was like omg amanda welsh holy shit, she was pretty tanked and was with some rather bizzarre friends.  One gangsta guy that kept inviting me to his "afta-party" and another guy who completely wanted me to dom him, "I'll do anything you say, I'll get down on the floor now and kiss your boots, please, take me on". BWHAHAHAHAH loser!  Hhaha, I should have told the guy that I already had two collared slaves but they weren't here because they were sick eh Bella?
My daddy comes back from Belleville tonight! :D  Poor Mesgants was up there all alone.  When she found out I couldn't get the weekend off she was like OMG I HATE YOU -sobs- lol, I wonder how it went in the end, I'll have to call her tonight.  
Omg I had the greatest convo EVAR with Mr. Andrew last night, first starting with him thinking I was some stalker of his on myspace.  He starts by asking why I was not at Gwar, and I'm like I'm broke lol.  I'm like not really a die hard fan, but I'd pay just to see the performance, have you ever seen them live?  And he's all like uh, yeah, we saw them together and I'm like ahhahahahahah.   Then he was telling me how everytime he's in a relationship with someone, this girl asks him to some crazy orgy.  He's like it's like her sixth sense.  Which made for a bizzarre convo about how I was saying her sixth sense is actually Chuck Norris and that she sits in this office while troops storm in -we have recieved information via the Andrew situation, he is now taken, drastic measures must be taken, we must act now, quick, in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Boom!  And it just kept getting wierder.  I started to pout because I wanted Chuck Norris as my 6th sense, and then I decided that I will and I'll have my own agency and ask taken men to orgies lol, and Andrews like ok well don't do it to me, and I'm like no...omg Andrew join my force!  And he did, so are you taken men, watch out for Andrew, Jackie and Chuck Norris.  We will find you.
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On le 09 octobre 2006 21:08 (UTC), judeaslinksta commented:
I want a bagel now :(
Oh Andrew, how I love thee...

Yes...they were sick. OMG next time we go to foufs - Will's bday, c'est PARFAIT - we should do the D/s thing again. I want to freak this Mel girl out, cause so far from what I've heard I don't like her. YES YES YES. And at one point you can order me to kiss your shoe!

Lydia's such an annoying drunk, but so very amusant.
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