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Shit my feets are bleeding.  Fucking heels man lol, oh I love it though.  My toes are all bandaged up, and hilariously enough that brings much joy to my bizzarre, little heart.  
Ran into Irini today in the bathroom, say her reflection in the mirror and was like HI, and she was like HI and all smiles and I was thrilled.  She's like 12-1 everyday I'm free, come and drop by!  So I'm going to take her up on that tomorrow and hopefully work to audit some of her courses.  Oh it made me so happy to see her, she was a fantastic teacher and an amazing human being all together.  I enjoy any conversation with her.
Hiking class today was fabulous.  I really enjoyed myself and the workout.  It's fitness test week so I had plenty of tests within the past two days.  Today we had to run the track, I only got 4 laps with his POOR haha--god, I knew I was out of shape, so I'm aiming that around 6 by the end of the semester.  My sit ups, jumps, strength, and flexibility tests were all above average, but those don't involve any psychotic cardio exercises.  But I'm in pain now, and I love the I just worked out pain.  I feel like I've actually done something.  And the teacher is so fucking awesome, man, I'm going to have a blast in this course.  Next weeks' cancelled, the class after that we have a 2 hour hike trail as prep for our day hikes!  And planning out all the gear, and nutrition and everything makes me so happy...also makes me super excited to go camping!  
Ran into Levina and Chris in das Hallway and forced them to sign my Congress Nomination form--yes, I'm putting myself through another semester of sitting on Congress!  Well, at least all the hours will go on my transcript.  They got their friend Steve and some other cute guy to sign it as well.  I'm going to grab the rest of my noms in pilates tomorrow morning...and speaking of Pilates that course is fabulous too.  The teacher is fucking incredible too.  
Thank god I had Tyler in Math and Logic today or I would have bombed in the class.  Robert did this funny liberal arts convict thing with his camera.  To get to know us, he video tapes you saying your name and then under your head, you hold a paper saying your name and STUDENT NUMBER!!!  Prisonmates what?!  Yeah, sure looked like that.  Tyler pulled his hoodie up and gave his scariest face lol.  
Ahhh my legs ache, it's so fucking hott.
So tonight was, um interesting.  Went over the quota, which for a wednesday is fantastic.  But this guy spent nearly three hours with me looking at watches.  Three hours, to choose a watch.  Wow.  Like it was Casio watches which are super gadgety and have like a trillion and one functions so a good hour and half was spent looking through the manuel together and figuring out how they all worked.  I dunno, I just found it strange that a man took 3 hours to choose a watch.  I was a bit short on time to say the least putting away the jewelry and whatnot. 
Shan, Andy and I are having two study groups, probably one every Sunday for Bio, Bio Labs and then me and Shan for Math and Logic.  Whooooaaahahah study groups.  I miss the old school study group with connor, at Collins house...so bad ass, so bad ass...oh me.
That's it for now...maybe?
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